What is up savages? It's Smitty here host of Half Assed Mma on The Big Perm Show. I am going to start throwing some ramblings together on this lovely website and we shall identify said ramblings as "blogs." In this first installment I wanted to dive a little bit deeper into the crazy world and life of MMA fighters. Specifically I wanted to write about a lesser known side of MMA (the dark and light side of retiring from competition). 

As in most professional sports we often hear about the struggles athletes have in transitioning from competition. This usually includes financial difficulties, depression, drug abuse and the list goes on and on. This holds true with professional fighters but in a different manner than most wealthy and famous athletes from other professional sports. For one, majority of professional fighters are not wealthy and or famous. This can make the transition both more difficult and easier depending on the wiring of the fighter. In my experience it honestly comes down to the intelligence of being able to identify the areas needed to have a seamless transition into a new life essentially. The number one reason I have found for fighters not being able to transition well is Identity. Almost every professional fighter identifies as a professional fighter. Not every other aspect of their lives but solely as a professional fighter. This causes so many fighters the heartache that ends up leading them to drug abuse and depression.  This leads me to the other side of retiring...

The competitors that are able to retain the discipline, work ethic and all of the attributes it takes to successful fighter are usually able to find a healthy transition and prosper into other avenues of life successfully.  For most fighter the real struggle comes when having to realize they need to "move on" so to speak and identify as something different. By having to drop the identity they lose track of the attributes that carried them to success in the first place. However the fighters that can realize this as an issue and stay out in front of the problem and allow themselves to hold on to the amazing attributes that training and competing as a professional fighter afforded them. In my honest opinion, MMA much like high level armature wrestling lead the way in said attributes. There is something about pushing yourself way the fuck past your limits on a daily basis that really strengthens a person's mind and consciousness. This is why I believe with the massive growth of MMA we will see more and more of these types of savages emerge over the next 5-10 years. MMA can and should be a gateway drug to success. 

Don't grow to expect this kind of seriousness in every post as majority of these ramblings will have to do with ridiculous stories from my years competing and just moronic thoughts that can easily be debunked by anyone with all of their brain cells left!  It is Saturday, go do some savage shit! 

Ryan Smith