What is up you got damn savages? I have a quick hitter for you all on this post. It comes after a trip to the gym this morning before work......

So I have 2 different gyms I belong to. A Muay Thai gym and a Fitness gym. My fitness gym is located in the Uptown area of Chicago. Over the last few months  I have really noticed how absolute savage this gym really is. It is actually more savage in a lot of ways then the Muay Thai gym I train at. What I mean by this is the DUDES.  Guys are so god damn ridiculous when it comes to working out in the gym in general but especially when they see a hot chick near. 

This morning I saw 2 girls that looked like sisters and more importantly to this story they were attractive. Really god damn attractive. In my mind they immediately were like the Kardashian's of the gym. Wearing nice clothes, massive boobs and asses and every dude in the weight area took a moment of 10 to gawk awkwardly at them. This gave me the moment to step back and observe how primal  we truly are. Guys instantly postured up, started grabbing more weight, trying to talk to them and really just acting like an Apes trying to find something to jab its dick in. Even crazier than that I realized I wasn't just thinking about trying to impress them but I was looking around at a bunch of meatheads and thinking " they have no idea that I can fuck up every single one of them" and " if this was 200 years ago they would be fucking dead" THAT IS SAVAGE my friends. I was feeling confident so I started walking their way and as I approached ,one of them turned and smiled at me.... I shit my pants and darted another direction!!!!  Fuck that shit! I will fight a gym full of savages but do not ask me to talk to Kim and Chloe.