Before streaming sites were popular, before the Amazon fire stick and before UFC fight pass fight fans simply had to rent PPV fight cards or they had to go to a bar or restaurant who was showing the PPV that night. This brings me into this weeks topic. DON'T BE THAT GUY. 

Let me explain a little bit better.... it is in every man's DNA to believe they can fight. In MMA more so than any other combat sport fight fans (especially douchie looking 18-34 year olds) believe they could or would be able to compete with the trained professionals they enjoy watching. There is always that guy at the local bar that is talking about what he would do in a certain situation or how he would beat that fighters ass in the streets. As a fan before I was ever a fighter I completely understand the excitement however I do not understand yelling at fighters when they make a obvious mistake or being so delusional you honestly think you could do better. Again, DON'T BE THAT GUY.

To make this make more sense I am going to draw a few comparisons. Thinking you could beat up a professional fighter is like thinking because you played high school football you could walk out of the bar and start for the New England Patriots. No. You cannot. 99.9% of people not already playing a competitive sport are not going to be able to play in that said sport fresh off the couch. It is like having a lemonade stand when you were 11 and thinking you can walk into a Wall Street firm and start directing traffic and making bank bro. 

Please get excited as fuck, have your favorite fighter, hell even wear cool fight clothes and support combat sports. Yell all you want but please do not believe you will beat up professional fighters because you wrestled for 2 years in high school and your street record is 163-0.  Stop being delusional. Please. I used to enjoying going places to watch fights and now its really difficult without wanting to headbutt morons in front of their boys and girl friends. If there is one piece of advice I can give a fight fan who gets excited watching the sport it is this....If you cant spot THAT GUY at the bar then you are THAT GUY.