Whats up to the mothers of you savages. I have longer story for you tonight. It is a write up I did on my Facebook page about my cornering experience from this past weekend. Check it out..

What a awesome but quick trip to Davenport and Caged Aggression MMA last night. Mike Goodwin had to channel his inner fighter himself this week and over come more adversity than any promoter I've ever seen on fight week. Always a great show, regardless. I made the trip to corner long time training partner and friend Jake Childres's professional debut with one of my most influential coaches, Ryan Blackorby. Jake fought like shit. For a round. He then woke up and had dug himself a hole but we knew Jake was tough enough to fight out of it. The 2nd was an instant classic. Jake got hurt with a body shot against the cage and somehow managed to survive for about 40 seconds with his opponent stalking and punishing him and throwing bombs at him. Needless to say Jake was bleeding. He was tired but surviving turned out to be the blessing. Jake finally moved off of the cage and was able to get some distance to settle back in. At that point Ryan Blackorby called to Jake for a circle to the right and a straight left hand ( he's a lefty) and Jake obliged. It landed and you could see his opponent not know what hit him. He had " blew his load" so to speak and now didn't have an answer for Jake. At this point Jake had 2 min left in the round and he came alive like the savage he is. He started tagging his opponent with almost every shot and finally getting the takedown we had been looking for. Jake went to work and laid a beating down. Got the mount and almost finished the fight with a rear naked choke but the other guy was saved by the bell. Now I have cornered a few hundred fights over the years. I have never yelled like I yelled in between the 2nd and 3rd rounds. We could see Jakes opponent was exhausted and could not stop Jake. He simplify needed to find that savage within himself and let it out. I told him if he gets 1 takedown he would end this fight. I normally don't yell in the corner and or make promises like that one to fighters because you never know. At the moment I didn't care. I was watching a friend let this animal out in this cage in Davenport against a trained killer. It was one of the best turnarounds I have ever seen in my life and the best I've ever seen live. Jake was hurt, bloody , tired and I'm sure had his own doubts. BUT he never stopped. Round 3 went beautiful. The pendulum shifted as far right to left as you could imagine and Jake walked forward throwing heaters and landing them. He scored an early takedown right in our corner and went to work. He maneuvered from position to position all while laying down a beating. Finally with a few minutes left Jake was able to find the position he wanted and score his favorite choke, the Da'rce. The fight was over. You know it was amazing when you lose your voice and your corner people are hi fiving and hugging. I was yelling in the cage at Jake. I honestly could not believe what we had just been a part of. Amazing really. Thank you to Ryan Blackorby and especially Jake Childres for never stopping, listening to us and finally for having me in his corner.