I am constantly trying to educate myself on nutrition and healthy lifestyles in general . While I do thIs I like to consider my past experiences and my current knowledge and analyze the two differences. From there I like to figure out an intelligent, progressive avenue that allows me to grow but not forget what my positive aspects I have acquired thus far. This is very important IMO, so you are not just jumping from fad to fad. With that said; this is going to be some thoughts and Ramblings about what I believe is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.   

Eat real food- if you believe in an elimination diet ( vegan, paleo) where you eliminate whole, organic foods from your diet, or not, one thing is a must in my mind. Eat real foods that have grown from nature. 

Activity- Everyone likes to believe their way of sport or activity is the best or is enough for them, but what this really comes down to on a base human level is : be active. This means mentally and physically. Do things that are challenging mentally. Never stop learning and growing. Find your passion and educate yourself on it. Physically- move. Move your ass. Most people are not going to reach an optimal level of movement in their lifetimes for more than a few years, but again the most important part of this day in age just remains active. This does not mean working 8 hours and going home and sitting all night. Unless your laboring 8 hours a day of hard physical work, this lifestyle is not enough.  Push yourself and find your limits. If it is hard but you're not injured than do it. 

Rest- have to find ways to relax. Everyone knows sleep is important. Sleep varies with different people, however most people do not seem to grasp the idea of resting while awake. My favorite way of this is meditation, nature and walking. A lot of rest comes down to anxiety and by this I mean being able to control your thoughts enough to focus on the present. Not 10 min ago or 5 days from now, but the actual second you're living in. This takes effort but will also give your mind a break from the worry and allow you to relax more. 

Know yourself - This is really important to gaining the optimal level in physical and mental health. This means removing the guilt that you feel from other humans and yourself. Embrace who you are. Figure out the things you do not like about yourself and really think about it.... is that because of society and learned behaviors and norms or do you really not like doing that thing? This is a huge problem in our world today. The biggest example I can give of this is marriage and raising a family. So many people in our world feel, this magical clock in their minds that tell them that they are at a certain age and they are SUPPOSED to do this or do that. Most of the time this includes being in a relationship and having children. Turns out, that is not the case. Know yourself. If your'e a savage and enjoy staying up late and sleeping with 5 other people at the same time, who in the fuck is anyone to tell you that is wrong. Embrace this and remove the guilt. Next point is to figure out your triggers in life. What makes you happy, sad and what do you not care about.

Lastly, take these foundations and know what you can and can't eat to function better. Figure out how much sleep you need to wake up feeling great and ready to live a great life.  Obviously each area I have highlighted are major topics in and of themselves. These topics can and should be broken down and addressed individually. I believe this is a fairly common practice and people get hung up on working on one at a time and trying to be an expert. In my opinion, I have gained the most ground on my foundation when I work on all of them a little bit at a time with small changes. I track the progress in my mind or by writing it down and get after it. The result will come. Remove the guilt of being a human being and realize that there is not correct way to do this thing. We are all just a bunch of really evolved animals still figuring this thing out. No body is perfect, but everyone is born with the right to a good life. Go earn it. 

Disclaimer: I am no fucking doctor, nor am I even smart ( clearly with my grammar and writing skills) however I have a passion for activity and living a good life. If I have said anything that offends you then I believe you need to stop being a soft pussy before you get swallowed up by the hate in this world.  SAVAGE ON


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