I am going to lay out a rant today about my adventures in the fitness gym I work out at in Chicago. Find humor, I dare you. 

Sauna guidelines

If I am in the sauna alone: I stretch, meditate, work on breathing techniques, shadow box, run in place, snapchat, and even go mostly naked..... ok Im naked and it gets weird. 

If I am in a shared sauna: I SIT THE FUCK STILL AND HANG OUT

I do not know what is going on with dudes in the locker rooms and saunas at these fitness gyms but some of the shit I have seen is ridiculous and really fucking funny. What I don't understand is; how did we get so comfortable as guys in public places? I shower at the gym. I also change my clothes and sometimes there is some dick hanging out action. I get that. That is not what I am talking about though. I am talking about dudes parading around from the minute the step in the locker room just guns a blazin. Below is a list of shit I have seen in the last 3 months at my gym.

-90% of guys are naked in the sauna 

90% guys are naked for more than changing in the locker room

-Ass less panties in the sauna ( don't believe me? I took a pic, message me) 

-guys doing their hair for work BUTT FUCKING NAKED IN THE MIRROR

- Full conversations with 3 guys, all naked standing by the benches in the locker area

-Dudes just bending over spreading there butt as people tie their shows on the bench 2 feet behind them

-2 guys helping each other stretch in the sauna NAKED

The list is probably 10 times longer than this. This was just a taste. Stay tuned as I will be documenting said ridiculousness in the future. 





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