Medical marijuana dispensary company reveals plans to public

Plans for a medical marijuana treatment program are taking root in Illinois.

Governor Rauner recently approved 70 licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation centers in Illinois: 18 farming licenses and 52 selling licenses.

In State Police District 8 -- which includes Peoria ---Rauner granted a license for a cultivation center in Delavan and two dispensaries in the Greater Peoria area.

Now, one of those groups isn't wasting any time and started reaching out publically to residents Saturday. Trinity MMJ -- the company committed to bringing a dispensary to town kicked off the very first public news conference for a facility in District 8. The company's Patient Educator and Community Care Coordinator Ben Rediger said he did not want to wait.

"I believe that if this is going to be part of the community then it must be understood and it must be embraced, and not talking about it is not going to change that," said Rediger.

The conference took place in the 3,000 sq ft facility that the company hopes will *eventually provide relief to thousands of qualified patients. For Pekin mother Angie Alcantara-- it is a ray of hope. Her daughter has epilepsy.

"She's on three different anti-seizure drugs that cause huge side effects," said Alcantara. "She has developmental delays because of it. She can't function like a normal human being is supposed to function... As a child, you want to see them to live up to their potential."

"I've met many families with Epilepsy, Parkinsons and Alzheimers," said Rediger. "It literally effects every person in the state of Illinois."

The company says there will be a focus on educating patients about the use. Trinity MMJ says it aims to work with local hospitals and researchers to make Peoria the center of medical marijuana research in the U.S.

Rediger says there will be many forms of treatment that can be studied and used.

"We will be able to provide medicine for Alzheimer's patients in a transdermal patch. Rheumatoid arthritis qualified patients, we will provide with topicals. We'lll also provide medicine in a food form, a pill form, a vapor form and whole plant form, and the reason for this is to try to clearly define how this medicine treats these specific conditions," said Rediger.

As for the building, the company says it will have more than 20 security cameras --and is expected to be finished in 4-6 months.