Stuck on Stupid ...

So this is it ? this is life ? your telling me its 2017 and we just keep on living the way we do based mainly on ideas and rules that are over 2000 years old ,, yet everything else in our life gets regular updates .. so your saying even things like our phone and computers get proper updates .. yet we still follow a book that is mostly just bullshit .. and try to act according to a god no one can proves exist ...  lol fuck me right

This life we know began what ? a couple hundred thousand years ago ? From being chased by saber tooth cats to figuring out the fastest way to get porn and pizza .. which by the way im a fan of both .. burning bushes people parting seas and walking on water... the worlds largest floating zoo  filled with two of each animal on the planet built by a crazy drunk .. and we all sprang from a buncha incestuous floating zoo keepers .. am I getting this right ?

People killing themselves cause they get a buncha virgins in the next life ? fuck that just give me one dirty girl and im straight and ill keep what life I have thank ya very much ..still worried about two dudes fucking cause some fulla shit books says its wrong .. what the fuck does that mean anyway ? no premarital sex.. no divorce no matter how crazy the bitch is .. and no meat on Friday ? im still perplexed by that one .. a dude that turns water into wine spends three days in hell comes back alive .. wut !!!?? and that bad ass dude aint still here ? he spent 3 days in hell and was resurrected.. but he died for our sins ? he was born to be a scape goat so that me and you might get to some place no one has ever been through .. ever !!!!

No one has a fucking clue its beliefe and faith based on nothing anyone can prove never have been able to and probally never will .. that's not the lest bit shaky To you ? hell we got insurance for everything on earth and the only one we have for life is that .. here follow this shit that seems really made up and youll have eternal life .. imma need to do some research on that plan.. sounds like some bullshit..

I sure hope they got big bootie women and bacon in heaven or its gonna suck and im giving a bad review in yelp

V Nasty 614