War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell

Say some people just bust into your house and say they don't like how your living even if you've been that way forever.. guns drawn and tell you if you don't start believing the way we do we are gonna take all your shit your house and leave you with nothing.. what would you do ? just say ok sure your way sounds awesome just sign me up.. or are you gonna fight back ?

say you go over to your neighbors house and you tell him because he is Jehovah Witness and because he is your gonna surround his house and nothing fucking goes in or out until you change and become the religion we want you too be .. what would you do ? fight back ?

someone comes to your business and tells you .. you only do business with the ones we have on this list and if you do business with anyone else and we will take the business you've worked for for years and we will also put you and your employees in jail .. what would you do ? Fight back ?  

What if someone showed up at your house every week and say you owe them money and if you don't give it to me I will start taking your shit .. what would you do ? fight back ?

How long can these kinda things go on ? how long can they hold the people back that they treat this way ? do you think when they are perpetrating this kinda shit they know they are wrong ? or are they just like me and you and don't think it could come to war ..

The curtain is already being pulled back for all the citizens to see the inner workings .. mass communication and the connection we all have to each other now in the information age is making it harder and harder for the powers that be to just white wash everything

its not that the world is getting worse its that now we get too see all the bullshit and injustice in real time in most cases .. and its getting harder and harder to hold back the tide that is rising against them .. no wonder they want to take away guns and education .. nothing easier than too fuck over stupid people that have no means of fighting back .. welcome to 2017 my fellow sheep

V Nasty 614