I don't give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way. Mark Twain

I woke up and it was never the same .. Id been so drunk the night before that when I finally went to bed about 4 am that when I laid down in the bed and looked up at the light fixture I got the worst case of the spins in my life .. I almost had a fucking frek out and a voice in my head screamed .. put your foot on the floor and breathe you pussy .. just had to have those last 3 or 4 shots huh bad ass.. fuck you free booze is free booze and nothing will fuck you up like free booze..

Shit !! I feel horrible I thought as I woke up .. oh god I feel queasy .. the sun was shinning into my bedroom like the fucking bat signal and I had to put my hand up in front of my eyes just so I could look over at my alarm clock on the night stand .. 1pm jesus !!! id practically killed a whole Saturday being a drunk fuck .. I groaned laid back in the bed and looked at Jennifer she was laying there in a tank top and panties with her back to me .. her long blond laying on the pillow behind her and down her back .. she always looked so good and I smiled at least she was still there I guess I hadn't fucked up to bad last night

I struggled to open my eyes as I laid there on my back looking up at the ceiling fan turning slowly .. I sniffed a bit and my first thought was damn it smells like booze and reefer in here .. I yawned and stretched and it felt like I ate sand paper and broken glass not to mention my mouth tasted like petrified possum pussy .. fuck !!! why do I do this to myself ? I felt jen breathing lightly moving in here sleep readjusting her head on the pillow .. I put my right hand on her ass and just laid there a moment rubbing circles on her blue panties ..

I thought about last night and going straight from work to meet jen at a bar where I had met her a few months before .. we had planned to meet there after work have a couple drinks and go to dinner with some other friends .. I had swung by the bank after work to put my check in.. then a convince store for cigarettes .. I was in a fine mood !!! a shit eating grin the whole time I was 22 years old I had a great job and I was banging what seemed to me like an awesome chic .. the sky was the fucking limit .. I was full of myself and riding high .. little did I know then was that life could turn on a dime and smack you down without a care ..

Stay tuned for Part 2 this weekend .. V Nasty