A Blog ?

What the fuck is that ? Am I supposed to get on here and wax poetic or philosophically ? Bare my soul for the world to creep through and see ? Give some dipshit a platform to tee off on someone they don't even know ? That's the order of the day in 2017 it seems.. An awful lot of people including myself at times talking shit about people places things and ideas they don't even know about much less educated on..

Maybe I will.. Maybe ill do this blog thing about my point of view on shit like it matters and act like know something no one else does .. So I can feel some unreal sense of superiority

And im gonna write it just like it comes out warts and all let that uneducated mind flow .. lol typos misspellings grammatical errors .. ta give you a true sense of the idiotic animal I am .. No proof read no running it by Big Perm .. Just a Gorilla with a fist fulla shit slinging it up against the wall to see what sticks .. Just as I have lived most of my life let the shit fly and hope it works out for the best and mop up the mess of the aftermath

Im gonna bring the world to you from the way I see it.. I hope you get a few chuckles I hope you get angry and say fuck this dude hes a gotdamn idiot .. And also I hope it makes you think something different from what you normally think .. Im not doing this to win hearts and minds but maybe youll kill a little time with me from time to time shake your head and smile

And always remember The Nasty Man Loves Ya ... V Nasty 614