Failure isint fatal.. but failure to change might be .. John Wooden

We all fall it happens .. we all fail sometimes and sometimes you eat that L and have to keep on trucking.. there have been times I owned the day and walked away a champ .. and others I had to lie to myself just to get out of bed for fear of more failure

But somehow 41 years into it ive always found a way to keep going no matter how dark it gets on my side of the city .. I got this technique where I just bury all the bad shit pack it away and never deal with it lol healthy as fuck I know but whatever it takes to reach the top of that next hill ..

Some of us get struck with the struggle though and it becomes all we know .. if we aren't struggling we start too self sabotage because success is too hard to maintain so we fucking pussy out and fall back down to the bottom because we are comfortable there because no one expects anything from a low life savage afraid that he will shit on the table of your parents.. so ya just keep sliding along in life and find yourself what happened to the last 20 years.. just watch out you don't sink down even further cause as they say there is levels to this shit and once you think you've hit rock bottom your like fuck it goes down even further .. this is bullshit lol .. so ya learn even at the bottom you have to maintain a level and hopefully you can maintain a spot close to the top of the bottom in case you see an opportunity pass by you can jump the fuck out real quick and grab it like a monkey at a banana that's flung at him .. one minute your sittin there pulling your dick and the next a gift comes flying atcha that's life right there friend

I guess what im rambling about it is lol I don't have a fucking clue lol and that sometimes when you fall you wont get up there is no heroics you can do no quick thinking you just take that L dead in your face and all you can do is maintain whatever level of the bottom you are at .. whatever you do just keep on going .. its all about movement and options that's what I think makes life worth living giving yourself and loved ones as many options as you can afford..

always remember The Nasty Man Loves Ya ... 614