The Big Perm Show #154
Ky & Tanner Brown
Half Assed MMA w/ Sandra Thomas

We have another stellar episode rolling your way this Sunday night !! Show starts at 8:00 pm CT / 9:00 pm ET.....Don't miss it !!

This week at 8:45 pm CT we'll catch up with former guests and P-Town funk monsters Ky & Tanner Brown of Steady Flow !! The boys will join us to drop the details on their new album, performing at Summer Camp and a lot more !!

This week's guest for Half Assed MMA is Illinois MMA fighter Sandra Thomas !! She recently defeated another former guest of ours , Ms. Sheena Starr, at Dan Severn's Danger Zone event !! She'll joins us at 9:30 pm CT to talk bout that fight, future fights and the rigors of life as an MMA fighter. We'll also try to pry a few good training stories out of her....the kind of stuff that fans only hear, right here....on Half Assed MMA & The Big Perm Show !!

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