Oh !?!? Hello there.. you almost caught me at a bad time

Let me find my pants and we will get too it ... give me a sec been awhile

since i saw them ...

Ok thats better where were we ? ah ok gotcha ... if youve wondered in here chances are

your curious about me or have no clue where you are in which case might i suggest you

explore our site a bit and find out about the greatest podcast on planet earth

about central illinois ... but if you do know why you are here and ya wanna find out some info

about your favorite foul mouthed ginger spazzoid and cohost of said podcast.. sit back and relax

park it and spark it if thats your thing cause chances are you may never be the same !!!!


Date Line: janurary 14th 1976

Location: Vero Beach Florida

a cold winter day in florida.. which means it was probally about 70 degrees and as luck would have it i was about ready too spring forth into this life from my mommas saintly loins.. with a jones for bacon and a habbit of spreading mayhem and mischeif where ever i could under my crown of ginger glourisness...meanwhile my father was pacing back and forth mumbling too himself in a cloud of unfilterd pall mall smoke and uttered shit fires!!!! and so here i was covered in birthday juice ready too take on the world the man and every situation i could make as awkward as hell ...


whatcha mean stop ? oh did i go back too far down the tunnell for ya ? haha

dear listener im glad your here on this journey with me and the big perm as we shine a light and our perspective on all things central illnois its people places and thangs and ill leave you with 5 things that make me.. well me.. haha and may give you just a little more insight on who i am

1. Answers: thats all ive ever wanted the why of life the human codition and why we are here the why of it all

2. People: we as humans are here such a short time why dont we take care of each other ? we are all we got and in the end our end is the one thing we all share in common.. but no instead we all fight over whos god and politics are better

3. Beauty: Music Books Art Places People ... life is filled with so much beauty ya just gotta find it

4. Humor: without it would we even be able to make it through life .. Humor can be found in any situation the art of it is pulling it off without looking like a dick

5. Bacon Big Bootie Women and Butter Pecan Icecream .... cause they are awesome thats why

3 songs all my nasties should know

Merle Haggard: momma tried

A Perfect Circle: Judith

The Ghetto Boys: my minds playing tricks on me